Get Support with Helpers


Helpers are folks (community members) of MyRAINge Log that are invited by active members to help them with their gauges. They form a support team that provides gauge owners the opportunity to receive assistance managing their gauges and logging observations. Helpers can be invited in one of two roles per gauge:


  • Read access to all observations and gauge data
  • Ability to add new observations
  • Limited to edit and delete only observations made by them
  • Cannot modify gauge settings


  • Full access to add and edit any observations on a gauge
  • Full access to modify gauge settings
  • Cannot relocate or delete a gauge

How it works

The overview of your gauges will list the number of helpers per gauge. Within each gauge, observations added by a helper are identified by an icon and name in the gauge log. Gauges of other members that are shared with you appear below your gauges.

Add Helpers

Enter the email address of the community member you want to invite to your team. (Note: it must be the same email they’re using for their account.) If they’re not a current member, invite them to join! Then select which role you want them to have for each gauge. They will receive an email notification in their inbox.

Managing Helpers

At any time you may change the role and active status of a helper. And for any reason if you need to remove them from your team, it’s easy to do so. But any observations or edits they made will NOT be deleted, assuring your gauge data stays safe.